Letter No. III


To my assured good frind Augustin Spalding, in Bantam, deliuer this, per a good frind Thomas Hill, whom God presserue.


Lavs dei : written in Japan in ye Iland of Ferrando, the 12 of Jeneuari 1613. My good and louing frind : I do imbolden my self to wrytt theess feaw lines vnto you in which I do hartylly sallute me vnto you with all the rest of my good country men with you, with hope of your good health, which God long continew : as I prayss God I am at this pressent, etc. Your ffrindly and christian letter I hau receued by the Hollanders which be heer arriued this yeer 1612, by which I do vnderstand that you have receued my letter which I sent by Peetter Johnssoon, of which I am veri glad, hoping yt my poor wyf and frindes shall heer I am alyve. For vnto this pressent ther hath not coum to ye hands of my frinds anny letter of myne : being by the Hollanders intercepted alwayes : for by the company of thees ship I haue sertain newes of trewth yt it is exprsressley forbid by the Winthabers so called, or Indish Company, yt they shall carri nor bring anny letters in no maner of wayes : for by both thees shipes I have had diuers letteers sent me by my wyf and other good frinds out of Ingland and Holland, but feaw coum to my hand and thooss yt I hau receued the most part were 2 lettrs which cam from London by the convayance of the Gloob of London, which arriued at Pattania is heer arriued : which 2 lettrs, the on is from the honourable Sir Thomass Smith, and on from my good frind John Stokle, soum tym on of the [some words obliterated by a crease in the paper]. Thees 2 lettrs hau not bin oppened, but a 40 or 50 dayes detayned from mee, etc. You shall [? understand] by the letter of Sr Thomass Smith, he hath written that he will send a ship heer in Japan to establish a facktori, of which, yf yt may be profitt I shalbe most glad : of which newes I told the Emperour thearof, and told him yt in ye next yeer the kinges mati of Ingland would send his imbashador with mony and marchandiz to trad in his country ; and of the certenti theerof I had receued newes. At which hee wass veery glad, and rejoyced that strange nations had such good oppinion: with many other good speeches. Now, my good frind, if it so fall out that on of our country shipes do coum heer to traffick thear [ ] not lee [ ] welcoum. And this I do inseur you of, for it is in my power to do it. I doo prayss God for it : who hath geuen me fauor with the Emperour, and good will to me, so farr as that I may boldly say our country men shalbe so welcoum and free in coumparisson as in the riuer of London. And now to the purposs. I feear yt theer wilbe no profitt, which is principal! : for ye coumodeties of our countri are heer good cheep, yt is clloth ; for by reason of the ship that comes from Novo Spaynia of the on party and the Hollanders on the other party, hath made the priss of cloth so good chep as in Ingland. An 8 or 9 years ago cloth was very deer, but now verry chep. Now the coumodities yt ye bring from Hol land are theess : cloth, leed, still [steel], louking glasses, drink ing glasses, dans-klass-glasses, amber, dieeper and-holland, with other things of small importance. First of ther cloth no profitt ; leed at [ ] the l., or lees, 3d the which is no profitt ; steel 6d the 1. and other things of small profitt. By ye way [ ] them bring peper, the priss thearof 40s. the 1001. ; clouess 51. starlinge the 1001. and thees [ ] and the priss thay sell them for. The ship that coums from Pattania [ ] of all prisses, damas, taffety, velvett, satten, Brassill to dye with. All other china coumodities yt .[ ] is not sartain becass soum yeers good cheep, and soum yeer deer [ ] of chinas goods they mad great promt at first. As the shipes coum lade, so thay go away much deeper lade, for heer [? they] lad thear shipes with rise, fish, bisket, with diuers other prouisions, monicion [? munition], marriners, sojoures, and svch lyk, so that in respeckt of the warres in the Mollowcouss [Moluccas] Jappan is verry profitable vnto them ; and yf the warres do continew in ye Mollucous with ye traffick thay haue heer wilbe a greate scourge vnto ye Spaynnards, etc. Now my good frind : can our Inglish marchants get the handelling or trad with the Chinas, then shall our countri mak great profitt, and the worshippful Indiss Coumpany of London shall not hau need to send monny out of Ingland, for in Japan is gold and siluer in aboundance, for with the traffick heer they shall hau monny to serue theer need ; I mean in the Indiss, etc. The Hollandes be now settled, and I hau got them that priuilledg as the Spaynnards and Portingalles could neuer gett in this 50 or 60 yeers in Japan, etc. This yeer 1612 the Spaynnards and Portingalles hau evssed me as an instrument to gett there liberty in the maner of the Hollandes, but vppon consideration of farther inconvenience I hau not sought it for them.

It hath plessed God to bring things to pass, so as in ye eyes of ye world [? must seem] strange : for the Spaynnard and Portingall hath bin my bitter ennemis, to death ; and now theay must seek to me an vnworth wr[e£]ch : for the Spay- nard as well as the Portingall must haue all their negosshes [? negotiations] go thorough my hand. God hau ye prayse for it, etc. The charges in Japan are not great : onlly a pressent for ye Emperour and a pressent for ye Kinge, and 2 or 3 other pressents for the Secretaris. Other coustoumes here be nonn. Now, once, yf a ship do coum, lett her coum for the esterly part of Japan, lying in 35d. 10m. whear the Kinge and ye Emperour court is : for coum our ships to Ferando whear the Hollanders bee, it is farr to ye court, about 230L., a wery soum way and foul. The citti of Edo lyeth in 36, and about this esterly part of the land thear be the best harbors and a cost so cleer as theayr is no sholdes nor rokes a myll from the mayn land. It is good also for sale of marchandis and security for ships, forr which cass I haue sent a pattron [? pattern, card, or chart] of Japan, for which my self I hau been all about the cost in the shipping that I haue made for ye Emperour, that I hau experyence of all yt part of ye cost that lyeth in 36d., etc. Now my good frind : I thank you for your good writting and frindly token of a byble and 3 other boukes. By your letter I vnderstand of ye death of many of my good frinds in the barbarous country of Barbary : for which death, and los of goods I am heartelie sorry. Nevertheles it is ye lot of all flesh : in this lyf manny trobelles and afflixcions, and in the end death. Thearfor it is a blessed thing to dy in the Lord, with a faithfull trust in God : for theay rest from theer labores, etc. In this land is no strange newes to sertify you of: the whool being in peace : the peopell veri subiect to thear gouvernours and superiores : allso in thear relligion veri zellous, or svpersticious, hauing diuers secttes, but praying all them secttes, or the most part, to one saynt which they call Ameeda : which they esteem to bee their mediator be tween God and them : all theess sectes liuing in frindship on with an other, not [ ] on an other, but everi on as his conscience teacheth.

In this land are many Christians according to ye romishe order. In the yeer 1612 is put downe all the sects of the Pranciscannes. The Jesouets hau what priuiledge [ ] theare beinge in Nangasaki, in which place only may be so manny as will of all sectes : in other places not manny permitted. In justis very seuer, hauing no respecte of persons. Theer cittis gouerned with greatt ciuility and in lou : for ye most part nonn going to lawe on with an other ; but yf questiones be bettween naybour and naybour, it is by justiss coummanded to be pressently taken vp, and frindship to be mad with out dellay. No theef for ye most part put in prisson, but pressently executed. No murther for ye most part can escap : for yf so bee yt yt murtherer cannot be found, ye Emperour coumands a proclimacion with a wryting, and by ye wrytting so mvch gold as is of vallew 3001. starlinge ; and yf anny do know whear ye murtherer is, he cooms and receueth the gold, and goeth his way with out anny further troubell. Thus for the lukar of so moch monny it coumes to light. And their citties you may go all ower in ye night with out any trobell or perrill, being a peepell well affected to strangers : ye lawe much lyk the Jud [ ] truth. Thus by the way, in hast I hau imboldned [? myself] to writ somewhat of ye coustome and manners, etc. If it bee yt thear coum a ship neer vnto the estermost part, let them inquir for me. I am called in the Japann tonge Augiu Samma. By that nam am I knowen all the sea cost allonge, and feear not to coom neer the mayn, for you shall hau barkes with pillotts yt shall carry you wheer you will ; and coumes thear a ship heer, I hop the wourshippfull coumpani shall find me to bee a saruant of yr saruants to seru them in such a maner as they shalbe satisfied of my semes. Thus yf occasion semeth, I pray wryt my hombell sallutacion to ye wourshippfull Sr Thomass Smyth ; and consserning his Christian charity and greate lou in lending my wyf 201. starlling, God I hop will reward him ; and I am, and shalbe allwayes reddy to make paiment to whoum he shall apoynt me. I pray yt capptain Stippon, capptain of the Gllobe [ ] I pray him to mak known in Ingland to my frinds, that I am in good health, and I trust in God errlong to gett leeaue from the Emperour to get out of this country to my frinds agayne. Thus with this my poor request do I imbold my seelf to troubell you. Had I known our Inglish shipes hade trade with the Indiss, I had long ago troubled you with wrytting ; but the Hollanders hau kept it most seccreet from me tell the yeere 1611, which wass the first newes yt I heerd of the trading of our shipes in the Indiss. I would gladdly a sent soum small token in signe of good will vnto you, but at this pressent no conuenient messadg [? message, or opportunity of sending]. For thes ships ass theay saye go no far[ther| as the Mollocouss in his coummand. Thus with my coummendacion only, and to all my countrimen, I beque[ath] you and your affares to the tuicion of God, who blless and keep you in body and soull from all your ennemys for euer and euer. Your vnwourthe frind yet assured to coumand, William Addames. I hau writt 2 letters all in on maner, so yt yf on coumes to your hand I shall be glad.