Kim Jong-Pil Remembers

A long series of articles was recently completed by the JoongAng Daily Newspaper, offering very personal insights into modern Korean history

Kim Jong-Pil was involved in almost all the major events of modern Korean history at the highest level over the decades.

The numbering of the articles is not always exact in the newspaper's archive.

1. Mar 03,2015 In the tumult of post-war Korea, one man was always there

2 Mar 04,2015 On the eve of a coup that would transform Korea

3 Mar 05,2015 A revolutionary road commences

4 Mar 06,2015 The day I met Park Chung Hee

4 Mar 11,2015 Planning a ‘revolution’ in only 90 days

5 Mar 13,2015 Election fixing provoked ‘revolution’

6 Mar 16,2015 Plans for revolution take place quietly

7 Mar 18,2015 Fortune teller sees future, gets it right

8 Mar 20,2015 Complacent top brass allowed coup to proceed

9 Mar 24,2015 The promise that Park didn’t keep

10 Mar 26,2015 The night the coup began and Park got shot at

11 Mar 27,2015 Coup pivots on a tense standoff at military HQ

12 Mar 31,2015 Military coup sees a successful end

14 Apr 03,2015 Getting a grip on all three branches of government

15 Apr 07,2015 How the KCIA was born - in deep shadows

17 Apr 10,2015 A slight, an exile and a day of Korean pride

18 Apr 14,2015 Success comes after a series of struggles, loss

19 Apr 21,2015 War separates but also inspires

20 Apr 23,2015 How revolution discovered its need of business

21 Apr 24,2015 The mysterious visitor from the North

23 Apr 30,2015 Park’s quandary over an old friend

24 May 08,2015 Addressing shared history in a clear and direct way

25 May 12,2015 Aiming to restore diplomatic ties with an old foe

26 May 19,2015 Compensation talks with the ‘slow cow’

27 May 21,2015 How Dokdo became a non-issue

28 May 22,2015 Recalling the courage of Korea’s comfort women

29 May 27,2015 Selling the case for relations with Japan

30 May 28,2015 The dire need for normalization

31 June 03,2015 A resolve to win U.S. support for the revolution

32 June 05,2015 A political base to back Park Chung Hee

33 June 09,2015 Revolutionary party brought in brightest minds

34 June 11,2015 Setting the record straight on old rumors

35 June 12,2015 When Park had trouble deciding whether to run

36 June 18,2015 South Korea stays in mind, even in exile

37 June 20,2015 My role in starting Korean migrations

38 June 25,2015 Recalling the push into Vietnam

39 June 26,2015 How TK Group squeezed me out

40 June 27,2015 TK Group falls from grace

41 June 30,2015 Paintings and politics are signs of our times

42 July 02,2015 ‘Wild Pig’ KCIA chief turned on me and Park

43 July 07,2015 Lies told about me to the boss

44 July 08,2015 Former revolutionary, KCIA chief falls from grace

45 July 09,2015 Music’s role in the revolution

46 July 10,201 Leaving inner circle and being asked to return

47 July 16,2015 A constitutional revision gets the go-ahead at last

48 July 22,2015 At war’s start, disorganization results in chaos

49 July 23,2015 Constitutional revision slowly wins support base

50 July 24,2015 Old connections help form a new administration

51 July 28,2015 How Lee Hu-rak did 1972 end run to North Korea

52 July 30,2015 The start of the Yushin era brings pushback with it

53 Aug 04,2015 Park’s tight-knit circle begins to unravel

54 Aug 05,2015 Korea considers new defense aims

55 Aug 10,2015 Korea plays cat-and-mouse with nukes

56 Aug 11,2015 KCIA kidnaps DJ, and Park scrambles to react

57 Aug 12,2015 How Korea got free Phantoms

58 Aug 13,2015 Trying to avert a tragic end for Syngman Rhee

59 Aug 19,2015 When Korea lost a first lady, I lost an in-law, friend

60 Aug 21,2015 First lady’s death alters politics

61 Aug 25,2015 A prime minister and a mysterious shooting

62 Aug 27,2015 Working for Park takes its physical toll

63 Sept 03,2015 Industry innovators aid growth

64 Sept 07,2015 How Park came to love exports, businessmen

65 Sept 10,2015 President’s assassin struggled for power

66 Sept 15,2015 KCIA wanted Park as president-for-life

67 Sept 25,2015 The man who could have stopped Park’s killing

68 Sept 30,2015 Chief security officer’s authority extends too far

69 Oct 02,2015 President’s inner circle takes security to extreme

70 Oct 06,2015 Korea’s statues without limitations

71 Oct 08,2015 NDP chairman’s ouster upends political stability

72 Oct 14,2015 The murder of Park and return of his remains

73 Oct 15,2015 Park’s sacrifices made in bid to better the nation

74 Nov 03,2015 The inside story of the Park Chung Hee killing

75 Nov 04,2015 Park’s death ends tumultuous chapter in history

76 Nov 05,2015 Remembering the good sides of Park Chung Hee

77 Nov 06,2015 After Park’s death, new order takes form

78 Nov 10,2015 With the nation vulnerable, a new force takes hold

79 Nov 11,2015 Chun Doo Hwan’s influence had time to develop

80 Nov 13,2015 Start of new era brings high hopes for democracy

81 Nov 18,2015 Chun Doo Hwan and 1980’s night of long knives

82 Nov 19,2015 My 46 days in Napoleon-like forced seclusion

83. Nov 21,2015 My tears after Chun’s gang calls me corrupt

(on death of YS) Nov 26,2015 My five decades with Kim Young-sam

84 Nov 27,2015 My lesson to Roh on power games

85 Dec 02,2015 Returning home with the resolve to change politics

86 Dec 03,2015 Determined to take a different path in a new era

87 Dec 08,2015 Exiled abroad, seeing the world in a new light

88 Dec 10,2015 Moving on from a military government

89 Dec 15,2015 Doing my best for Northward Policy for Korea

90 Dec 18,2015 Three parties come together to go forward

91 Dec 22,2015 After merger, political divides begin to surface

92 Dec 23,2015 Ruling party prepares for the next president

93 Jan 04,2016 Under new government, Korea’s history questioned

94 Jan 05,2016 New legislation is put forth to set history straight

95 Jan 06,2016 Abandoning one political journey to start on another

97 Jan 12,2016 The three Kims battle it out

98 Jan 15,2016  Putting aside political ideologies

99 Jan 19,2016 Putting interests aside to look after the nation

100 Jan 21,2016 In life as in politics, clothes often make the man

101 Jan 21,2016 A lifelong love of books

102 Jan 22,2016 Why Sunshine Policy was never going to succeed

103 Jan 27,2016 Wisdom inherent in the words of our ancestors

105 Jan 30,2016 Push and pull in ties with Washington

106 Feb 02,2016 Roh Moo-hyun had heart, vulnerabilities

109 Feb 03,2016 Korean spirit seen in Seoul’s best landmarks

110 Feb 04,2016 China’s winding path to success

111 Feb 05,2016 Golf proves a life-affirming sport

112 Feb 11,2016  After 43 years, a political career comes to a close

113 Feb 12,2016  One man’s story, from comrade to prime minister