Between 2001 and the end of 2005, 66 volumes of Korean literature translated into English were published.

Of these, 34 volumes were of poetry, 2 were drama, 30 were fiction.

3 of the volumes of poetry were published in Korea.

4 volumes (1 drama, 2 poetry, 1 fiction) were published in the United Kingdom.

The rest were published in the US, including 27 volumes of fiction:
12 were published by American University Presses or Institutes.

The others were published by small, privately run “non-profit” presses:
14 were produced by presses that have a good reputation in the United States, publishers of a considerable number of significant writers from a variety of countries, such as Green Integer, or White Pine.

30 were produced by really small presses that are not at all remarkable for the number or quality of the writers in their catalogue, or for their production and marketing, such as Homa & Sekey, Jain, and EastBridge.

No book was published by an imprint belonging to a major conglomerate, that is to say by a recognized “commercial” publisher.

A comparison with comparable statistics for translations of fiction from other languages