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Links to sites focussing on British History & Culture

Start with Brother Anthony's links
See also The Voice of the Shuttle and find what you need yourself!

Rather than rely on a single text-book, we will invite students to find their own materials in the library and by Internet. 
You may prefer The Columbia Encyclopedia for free. See the US State Department information page on the United Kingdom and Ireland.

One global resource is World Cultures at Washington State University. Other very valuable sites for this kind of course include The National Geographic site.

For almost everything about Britain visit the Britannia Magazine, (which has a very useful History Page among many other things).

Need maps of Britain? seems ideal. You can search right down to street level and individual house numbers.

Students in this course are encouraged to follow daily news presented online by major news media in Britain and the US. Major British news resources include BBC News, the Times, the Guardian, and the Yahoo UK headlines.

For sites offering a full listing of British newspapers and media see  the Worldwide News Resources)

Major American news resources include CNN NewsMSNBC, the Washington Post and the Yahoo US and World headlines.

Advanced research

For truly serious research in virtually any area, you should go at once to the Louisana State University's Webliography; then click to Humanities, for example. Or go directly to their exhaustive Literature section.

The WESSWEB offers a selected catalogue of links to resources in every aspect of European Studies.

People engaged in advanced research in any area may want access to The British Library to Copac (Britain's major university libraries), 

The Library of Congress Main Page gives you access to a vast array of materials, mostly American, with some big exhibitions from other libraries, while its Gateway allows you to consult the Library of Congress and many other library catalogues.

Museums and Art

The British Museum, London
The Tate Gallery, London (modern art)
The National Gallery, London (classical painting)
The Science Museum, London (history of science)
The London Museum (history of London)
The Museum of Modern Art (New York)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has namy remarkable special exhibitions as well as a list of links to other Great Museums and Galleries.

Spartacus Educational has some very well-stocked history pages

The History Net

The History Net (main page)

The Mining Company (mining the Web for treasures)

Main home page :
Index page for British Culture (many topics) :
British History Links

Some other major British links

View 20,000 wonderful pictures of London through the ages.
British History 1700-1920
World War I
World War I (by PBS & BBC)
World War I (including poets)
World War II
   (from same site, American history )
William Churchill
The British Parliament
20th century historical documents

The English Server (All sorts of cultural topics)
The British Tourist Authority (planning a visit to Britain?)

Major Irish Links

Luminarium has probably the fullest list of links to sites about every aspect of Ireland.

A very fine set of links at Mesa Community College, to translations of the main Irish legends, of which the Cattle Raid of Cooley is the most famous.

Conrad Bladey's Irish Studies Pages offer many resources, including a link to Irish music resources.

The Irish Famine