Photos related to Joan Grigsby

General Francis Hornblow Rundall, Joan's grandfather

The Rev. John William Rundall, Joan's father

The Rundall family. Joan's father is standing on the right at the back.
Mary Raby Rundall, whose husband became headmaster of St. Ninian's in 1906, is sitting at her father's feet.
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St. Ninian's 'College'  (Preparatory School for Boys) in Moffat, where Joan Rundall was born

St. John's Iron Church, Moffat, 1879-1951

"The Liverpool merchant Mr. J. T. Lawrence of Craigieburn commissioned this church of wood and corrugated iron, at the present site in Burnside in 1879. In 1879, Mr. Dowding and the Reverend W.H. Churchill founded St. Ninian's Preparatory School for Boys. There were close links between the School and St. John's; during term time, pupils formed the Choir, and school chaplains were licenced as Honorary Assistant priests of St. John's. In 1880, St. John's became a Licensed Mission in the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway, ordained masters from St. Ninian's School serving the Church. From 1929 to 1938, the Reverend F. Wingate Pearse (Joans's uncle) was both Headmaster and the Rector of St. John's."

Joan (left), Arthur's sister Ethel Agnes, Faith (child), Arthur's mother Kate Grigsby c. 1920


Joan in London, c. 1921

Joan in the Canadian cornfields c1922


Joan, Faith and a visitor in Winnipeg

The Grigsbys in the garden of Dilkusha, beside the vast gingko tree

From left to right: Charles Boydell, Justine Boydell, Faith Grigsby, Joan Grigsby, Mrs. Boydell

Joan met Fr. Andreas Eckardt in Seoul shortly before he left for Germany in 1929.
She mentions his book
(published simultaneously in both German and English in 1929)
in the introduction to The Orchid Door.


The cover of the (very readable but very unreliable) biography of Joan Rundall / Grigsby by her daughter, Faith G. Norris, published in 1992