Geonbong-sa  乾鳳寺

This temple alone is now located south of the DMZ, in South Korea. It was the scene of intense battles during the Korean War, which left nothing standing of the immense complex that once stood here. A few portions have been rebuilt.

Geonbong-sa in earlier times

A closer 1912 view

The area to the left is the Geuknak-jeon area; in the center is Nakseo-am; at the back is the Sari-tap (reliquary pagoda) and to the right the compound with the main hall, Daeung-jeon

Daeung-jeon in 1912

Daeungjeon in 1929

Photos from Joseon gojeok dobo (1932)

The restored Sari-tap

The Buddha in Nakseo-am

The results of warfare

The Budo urns today