Discovering Korea at the Start of the Twentieth Century
Articles from the early volumes of the Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch.

Edited by Brother Anthony

(2011. The Academy of Korean Studies Press)

ISBN 978-89-7105-794-0-93910 

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The first volume of the RASKB's journal Transactions is dated 1900 and the
15 papers selected for this volume are taken from Volumes 1 through 8 (1917), there having been a hiatus in the Society's activities 1903-1911. The Preface traces the origins of the RASKB in the context of the events of the period and identifies the authors of the papers reprinted.

Table of Contents

Editor's Preface
. Brother Anthony
The Influence of China upon Korea. James Scarth Gale
Korean Survivals. Homer Bezaleel Hulbert
Inscription on Buddha at Eun-jin & Korea’s Colossal Image of Buddha. George Heber Jones
The Spirit Worship of the Koreans. George Heber Jones
Kang-Wha (
Mark Napier Trollope
The Culture and Preparation of Ginseng in Korea. Charles T. Collyer
The Village Gilds of Old Korea. Philip Loring Gillett
Marriage Customs of Korea. Arthur Hyde Lay.
Selection and Divorce. James Scarth Gale
The History of Korean Medicine. Newton H. Bowman
The Pagoda of Seoul. James Scarth Gale
Hunting and Hunters’ Lore in Korea. Horace Horton Underwood
Gold Mining in Korea. Edwin W. Mills.
Introduction to the Study of Buddhism in Corea. Mark Napier Trollope
Corean Coin Charms and Amulets: A Supplement. Frederick Starr