19 - 032
British History & Culture
Brother Anthony (An Sonjae)
Spring Semester 2005
Tuesday, Thursday 9:30
The syallabus is online at http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/CultBA2005.htm

This course is designed to give students a deeper understanding of the historical origins and the development of the nations and cultures that today form the United Kingdom. The first half of the course will focus on British history and the second half will examine the cultural heritage which has accumulated over the centuries, as it now exists.

Course methodLectures, with group discussions and class presentations. All lectures and presentations will be in English.

The main text book (available from the University Bookstore) will be :

An Illustrated History of Britain by David McDowall (Longman, 1989).

(Britain In Close-Up by David McDowall (Longman, 2000) will be very useful for the second half of the semester, if it is available)

Lots of other resources will be found on the shelves of Loyola Library (go and look in history, British literature, art and music). Otherwise, the Web is there for you. A few useful resources are listed in Brother Anthony's Links to Resources (especially the British Culture links) but there are many others. Click here for a map of Britain, statistics (from the US State Department) also the Britannia Magazine (which has a very useful History Page among many other things)

Grading: The two Reports and the two Exams (midterm and final) will have equal value.

If you have questions you may write emails to Brother Anthony or visit him in his office (X109)

Class topics and linked materials

Page numbers for the first 7 weeks refer to "An Illustrated History of Britain"

Week 1  (no class Tuesday) Introduction; Basic Geography

Week 2 (Pages 1 - 33) Early history, Celtic, Roman Britain Stonehenge (+ in English Heritage), (BBC) Roman Britain, The Romans in Britain, Roman roads, Hadrian’s Wall, Roman Bath. Roman London.

Week 3  (Pages 34 - 65)   Medieval England: Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Norman Conquest... Bayeux Tapestry Part : 18, Magna Carta, Turning the pages, Canterbury Cathedral 1, Westminster Abbey, 

Week 4  (no class Thursday) (Pages 67 - 85) Renaissance and Reformation, Tudor England

Week 5   (Pages 87 - 129) 17th - 18th Century: Revolutions, Romanticism

Week 6  (no class Tuesday) (Pages 131 - 150)  19th-century Britain : Industry, Empire, Progress

Week 7    (Pages 151 - 184) 20th-century British History

Week 8   Mid-term Exams

Week 9  Major Issues in Britain today, using BBC, Guardian etc

Week 10 (no class Thursday) The Crown, the State, politics

Week 11 Cultures, religions and regions

Week 12   British lifestyles: work, home, family, leisure

Week 13  The Media : TV,  Newspapers

Week 14 Art, literature and music in Britain today  Education

Week 15  Final Exams

Assignments : Each student will prepare two illustrated reports:

The first report will be

1. A short historical description of the development of the English Parliament, from the earliest times to the present, with a number of pictures. Give an outline of the different governing parties and prime-ministers Britain has had since 1960

(The first report will be due at the first class after Mid-term Exams)

The second report will cover one important aspect of contemporary Britain, to be chosen freely. Suggested possible topics would include:

*  Today's main social issues and / or party politics
*  Britain's relationship with the rest of Europe
*  Britain and the U.S. in Iraq

            For this second report each student will need to keep track of news developments about their chosen topic throughout the semester.  This will require students to read the news from Britain almost every day, using the BBC News, (especially the UK news) and the Guardian.
(The second report will be submitted on the Monday after the Final Exam)