Columbia Anthology of Modern Korean Poetry

Poems translated by Brother Anthony of Taize

Chong Jiyong
        Spring Snow
        Paekrokdam: White Deer Pool

Kim Yongrang
        Someone Who Knows My Heart
        Until Peonies Bloom
        At the Sight of Water
        Intoxicating Moonlight
        An Endless River Flows

Kim Ch'unsu
        Snow over Chagall's Village
        Lilac Petals
Shin Kyongnim
        Farmers' Dance
        On a Winter's Night
        The Road
        Graveside Memorial
        A Summer's Day

Ko Un
        A Bonfire
        Crossing Rice-fields at Nightfall
        Beside the Evening River
        For an Island

Hwang Dongkyu
        Wind Burial
        A Happy Letter
        When I See a Wheel
        Wind Burial
        One flower and another flower

Shin Dongyop
        Kumgang (Kum River) (Extracts)

Kim Sunghee
        Sun Mass
        Horror Movie
        Life in the Egg
        Song of Children in the Land of Ice who Love the Sun
        Roses and Thorns