The Colors of Dawn

Edited by Brother Anthony of Taizé and Chung Eun-Gwi

Manoa: General Editor Frank Stewart  2016


Introduction by Brother Anthony of Taizé (A short history of 20th century Korean poetry)  xiii

PART one: poetry of today

Kim Sunwoo (1970– ) 3
Playing Dead
Measuring the Height of a Shadow
Today’s Meeting
This City’s This and That
It Was Good That No One Lived There
Afternoon with Magnolia
Scene with a Total Eclipse of the Moon and a Canna
DMZ, Cloud Family in Wonderland
History of the Void
Brief Sunshine after Snowfall

Jin Eun-Young (1970– ) 10
I Am
Day after Day We
When You Were a Boy

Shim Bo-Seon (1970– ) 13
Fifteen Seconds without Sorrow
An Unavoidable Road
Things That Lead Me to Disillusionment

Hwang Gyu-gwan (1969– ) 17
Jeonju Stream
A Spring Day
Rain Is Falling
Spring’s Depth

Park Seo-yeong (1968– ) 20
Weekday Cinema
Touching a Stone by the Riverside
Touch of Music for the Deaf
Kafka’s Sleep

Kim So-yeon (1967– ) 24
Oh, Bartleby
The Pit
A Blanket’s Insomnia
The River and I

Song Kyung-dong (1967– ) 29
Magpies Waiting for Redevelopment
Lyrics, Too, Have Class Structures
Winter That Year at Dotgot
Beyond the Border
Love Song for Garibong Five-way Crossing
Being Shadowed

Kim Ju-Tae (1966– ) 35
Daeheung Chemicals Plastic Factory

Ra HeeDuk (1966– ) 36
Room with a View of Seopseom
I Wasn’t Yet Born
A Deer
Sacrament on the Road
Between “No Sighting” and “Sighting”
Where the Cornfield Used to Be

Lee Yeong-gwang (1965– ) 43
Love’s Invention
Love’s Slave

Kim Sa-in (1956– ) 45
Mr. Jeon of the Chinese Restaurant
A Snail
Bak Yeong-geun
The Last Day of the Lunar Year
No Shadows

Choi Jeong-rye (1955– ) 50
Shall Time’s Best Jewel from Time’s Chest Lie Hid?
I Am Not a Noodles Delivery Boy
I Did Not Need a Bag

Baek Mu-san (1955– ) 53
I Know What I Must Resist But...
The Way to Unmun
Empty-bodied Guest

Do Jong Hwan (1954– ) 56
The Old Church
Autumn Rain
Autumn Leaves
Winter Trees

Ko Hyeong-ryeol (1954– ) 59
The Place of Fallen Flowers
My Dionysus
My Momentary Toy
My First Light
A Letter Sent to Nae-Rin Stream

Kim Soo-Bok (1953– ) 63
Someone Said
Winter Forest
The Sea

Kim Seung-Hee (1952– ) 66
Hope’s Purgatory
One White Flatfish Lying on a White Dish
Translucent Opacity
Dream of Someone Free
Plum Blossom Is Mighty
Sisyphus’s Stake
An Island Called “In Spite of All”
Inside of Hope Is God’s Drop of Water
Seoul Melancholy 1
Seoul Melancholy 2

Lee Seong-bok (1952– ) 73
Something Beautiful
If Not for the Body, It Wouldn’t Have Existed
To Be Alive Right Now

Jeong Ho-Seung (1952– ) 75
A Bird
Insu Peak
Sehando: Winter Landscape
The Well
Rice Soup
A Shooting Star
Longing for Buseok-sa Temple
I Love You
How to Eat

Lee Si-Young (1949– ) 79
A Blessing
At Sunset
The Small House on the Prairie
Some Kind of Diligence
One Evening
Evening Scene
At Qinghai
On the Qingzang Plateau
So Powerful!

Kim Nam-Ju (1946–1994) 82

PART TWO: survivors of war

Shin Dal-ja (1943– ) 87
At Dawn
The Wind Is Blowing
The Moment I Meet You
One Touch and I’ll Burst into Flame

Kim Kwang-kyu (1941– ) 89
Roadside Trees in April
Kim with Crutch
A Kind of Confession

Kim Chi-ha (1941– ) 94
Five Bandits

Chonggi Mah (1939– ) 105
Reeds’ Blood
The Hill inside the Hill
Splendor of Water 4

Shin Gyeong-nim (1939– ) 107
In the Dark
Friend! In Your Fist...
Mountain Station
Year-End Fair
An Alley
Traveling Companions
A Chance Encounter
We Meet Again

Ko Un (1933– ) 114
Ten Poems from Untitled Poems

PART three: founding voices

Bak Seong-ryong (1934– ) 125
On Top of a Mountain
The Fruit Tree
At Summer’s End

Cheon Sang-byeong (1930–1993) 127
After Tu Fu

Cheon Bong-gon (1928–1988) 129
If You Come to a Stony Place

Pak In-Hwan (1926–1956) 131
The Black River

Kim Jong-gil (1926– ) 132
Mediterranean Observations
Lonely Height
Suez Canal

Kim Chun-su (1922–2004) 134
Prologue for a Flower
Ballad Tune VII
The Snow Falling on Chagall’s Village
Poem on an Autumn Evening

Han Ha-Un (1920–1975) 138
Barley Flute
Jeolla-do Road to Sorok Island

Ku Sang (1919–2004) 140
Substance and Reality
Playing by Himself
New Year
Lord! Once Again

Yun Dong-ju (1917–1945) 145
A Poem Easily Written

Bak Du-jin (1916–1998) 148
In Praise of the Graveyard
In Epistolary Style

Bak Mog-weol (1916–1978) 151
The Hippopotamus
The Ostrich
The Moon

Midang Seo Jeong-ju (1915–2001) 153
Barley-time Summer
The Legend of the Tiled-roof House
A Kiss
Pretty Girl

Yi Yong-ak (1914–1971) 157
Jeolla Lass

Kim Ki-rim (1908–?) 159
World’s Morning

Yu Chi-hwan (1908–1967) 161
Evening Glow
On the Frontline
Thus Spoke the Himalayas

Kim Tong-Hwan (1901–1958) 164
Night at the Frontier (Part 1)

Sim Hun (1901–1936) 167
When That Day Comes

About the Translators 168
About the Artist 169
Acknowledgments and Permissions 170