Theory & Practice of Translation
Brother Anthony (An Sonjae)
Spring Semester 2009    Wednesday, Friday 15:00

This course is designed to give students a deeper understanding of the history of translation, modern translation theories, and the main challenges involved in actual translation.

Each Wednesday's class will be centered on the theory and history of translation. Each week's Friday class will be a translation workshop, students working
in groups on a variety of translation projects to be decided at the beginning of the semester, either English-Korean or Korean-English.

The text-book for the Wednesday class first half-semester will be Susan Bassnett's Translation Studies. In the second half-semester we will read a variety of texts, to be xeroxed later.

Grading: The projects and the two reports (midterm and final) will have equal value.

If you have questions you may write emails to Brother Anthony   Presentations.

Class topics

Week 1  (March 4, 6)  Introduction

The Septuagint and the Vulgate, The Buddhist scriptures in Chinese, 12th century Europe (Greek / Arabic), 15-18th centuries (Plato, the classics), The Bible into modern languages, 19th & 20th century Russian classics into English, Translation from Ezra Pound to Venuti. 

Week 2   (March 11, 13) Bassnett pages 1 - 20

Week 3  (March 18, 20) Bassnett pages 21 - 44

Week 4  (March 25, 27) Bassnett  pages 45 - 62

Week 5   (April 1, 3)  Bassnett pages 62-78

Week 6   (April 8, no class Good Friday) Bassnett pages 79 - 110

Week 7    (April 15, 17) Bassnett pages 110 - 131

Week 8    Midterm exams

Week 9   (April 29, May 1)   Equivalence at word level

Week 10  (May 6, 8) Equivalence above word level

Week 11 (May 13, 15)  Grammatical equivalence

Week 12  (May 20, no class 22?)  Textual equivalence

Week 13  (May 27, 29) Textual equivalence contd

Week 14  (June 3, 5)  Pragmatic equivalence

Week 15  (June 10, 12) Theory of translation: class presentations 

Week 16 -17 Exams

Assignments : Each student will prepare a series of translations, including one or two short stories. Completed projects will be graded for the midterm and final grades.
Each student will write a midterm and a final report on "The History, Theory and Practice of Translation," the final report being a revision and expansion of the mid-term report.