Sogang International Summer College 2009  

KOS3013 Introduction to 20th-century Korean Literature

Brother Anthony (An Sonjae)

This course will be taught for 5 weeks, with 2 sessions of 3 hours each week. In the course, we will study the overall development and evolutions of Korean literature during the 20th century, both poetry and fiction. We shall read a good number of works by writers, always in English translation, discuss their characteristic features in theme and structure, compare them one with another, and situate them in the course of modern Korean history. All students will be required to read all the prescribed texts before class, and prepare presentations for each class hour; this will demand a lot of preparatory reading, there is no other way!

The main text books will be:
20th-Century Korean Literature (EastBridge, online)
Modern Korean Fiction: An Anthology, edited by Bruce Fulton and Youngmin Kwon (Columbia University Press)
Translations of poetry will be available online and as an offprint.

Syllabus (page numbers refer to 20th-Century Korean Literature)

Week 1
Class 1: Introduction to the course and overview of modern Korean history. Survey of pre-1945 fiction (pages 5-8, 17-28).
Hwang Sunwŏn Shower and  The Crane.
Class 2: Survey of pre-1945 poetry (pages 13-17, 28-34): Kim Sowol, Manhae, Chŏng Chiyong, Kim Yŏng-nang, 

(Week 2: No classes)

Week 3
Class 1:
Survey of post-1945 fiction (pages 37-39, 46-48, 54-60) Yi Sang, “Wings,” Yi T’aejun “Crows,” Yi Hyosŏk “When the Buckwheat Blooms,” 
Class 2: Survey of post-1945 poetry (pages 39-46, 48-54): Sŏ Chŏng-ju, Pak Mog-wol, Cho Chihun, Kim Su-yŏng,

Week 4
Class 1: Fiction:
Kim Tongni “The Shaman Painting,” Kim Sŭnggok “Seoul 1964 Winter,Cho Sehŭi “Knifeblade,”
Class 2: Survey of post-1970 fiction (pages 63-73, 78-82, 86-90): Yi Ch’ŏngjun “Footprints in the Snow,” Pak Wan-sŏ “Mother’s Hitching Post,” O Chŏng-hŭi “Wayfarer.”

Week 5
Class 1: Survey of post 1970 poetry (pages 73-78, 90-94) Shin Kyŏng-Nim, Ko Un, Ku Sang, Chŏn Sang-Pyŏng, Kim Kwang-Kyu, Chonggi Mah.
Class 2: Survey of fiction (pages 78-82, 86-90): Yi Mun-yŏl "The Old Hatter," Ch’oe Yun “The Gray Snowman,” Sŏ Chŏng-in “The Plain

Week 6
Class 1: Poetry: Poems by younger poets
Class 2: Fiction: Stories by younger writers: Jeon Seong-Tae, Park Min-Gyu, Jeong I-Hyeon, Ku Hyo-sŏ,  (online). Conclusion.

Written assignment, due at the last class session of Week 5: Select 2 works of fiction or 3 poets we have studied,  and trace their characteristic features while also comparing them.